Friday, April 28, 2017


   One thing that I'm really interested but don't know a lot about is calligraphy. I know that the Chinese do a lot of it and that it is a decorative writing but I don't know how to do it myself. I want to know how to do calligraphy myself. I follow people on Instagram that do really beautiful calligraphy but I have no idea how I could do that because I'm not very artistic. I also want to know if there are different types of calligraphy or if it's just calligraphy? Are there different ways to do it or do you just freestyle?

   One thing I have learned after doing some research is that there are calligraphy pens specifically used for calligraphy. One way is Western Calligraphy.  When doing this type of calligraphy you have to use a flat balled pen and very fine paper. You would make geometric shapes and if you cannot have any mistakes. This type of calligraphy is used most in Latin writing. Another type is Eastern Asian Calligraphy from China, Japan, and Korea. To do this you would need and ink brush and very fine Chinese paper or silk. You'd write in the Chinese characters.

   One more type of calligraphy is Southern Asian Calligraphy. This calligraphy is done by Indians, Nepalese, and Tibetan. To construct this form of calligraphy, you would need burnt clay, smoke treated palm leaves, or birch bark. You'd also need a carving knife to carve. This would be the hardest type of calligraphy because you have to carve the words onto clay or bark. This one you can use whatever language you want. Most use the Arabic symbols.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Social Issue

   My social issue that I'm writing about is world hunger. I basically just want people to be more aware of this. I feel like this issue was more advertised later in the years but not as much now. I don't know if this is because it is being resolved or people just don't care as much anymore. This is what I want to find out. I also want to stay focused on the fact that world hunger is happening all around the world, not just in Africa or Asia.
   I found out that since 1990-1992 the number of hungry people in the world has been reduced by 216 million people. Vietnam had 45% of their population having issues with world hunger in 1990-1992 and now they only have 13% in 2012. Thailand had 36% in 1990 but only has 7% currently. China has also reduced their world hunger situation by a lot. 32% to 8%. Brazil 19% to 7%. The goal is eventually to end hunger by 2030 but this has remained an enormous and strenuous task.

   This has changed my point of view on this social issue because now I know that people around the world are still trying to fix this problem. I thought before that people lost hope and stopped trying. I still want to know what countries are most affected by this and about how much. I found that Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Brazil have all reduced the percentage of people suffering from world hunger but are they the countries most affected? What have all of these countries done to reduced the number? Why can't other countries follow their example? Will the governments meet their goal and end world by hunger in 2030? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

State Meet

  I have a state meet in gymnastics this weekend. I qualified for only beam. That means I will only get to compete beam on individual day. For team day I will get to compete beam and bars. My coach gets to decide what you compete on team day though. Team day is on Friday and individual day is on Saturday.

  I'm really excited and nervous for state. Our team didn't qualify it's self so we either got picked as a wild card or we wouldn't go. Luckily we got chose as a wild card. Sisseton didn't make it by .15 points which is really sad. If they did make it in the whole region would've made it to state.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Glass Sword Kneel or Bleed

   I am reading the book Glass Sword Kneel or Bleed by Victoria Aveyard. The first book is called Red Queen. It is about the Red named Mare, who has a lighting power but she's red, and the Scarlet trying to overthrow the king Maven because he is evil. Mare and the Scarlet Guard are attempting to recruit some more Reds like Mare.

    I'm on chapter twelve and so far it's really good. I didn't take this book home during Christmas break which was a mistake, but at the same time I'm kinda glad I didn't because I had friends over every day. I just didn't have time to read. Every day we get 20 minuets of reading and I tend to stare off into space which I need to focus on not doing that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Britton Meet

Welcome back to my blog! Recently I had my first JV(Junior Varsity) meet. It went pretty well actually. We had girls place on every event. All of the event are floor,bars,beam,and vault. I placed in the events bars, beam,and all-around.

I was most nervous for beam. Floor was good except I got a lot of execution. Bars went okay i mean it could've been better. I almost didn't make my second long hang kip which would've been really bad. Vault also went pretty good. Especially my second vault. i really got a block off of the table and i had straight legs and pointed toes. Over all the meet went super good!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gymnastics Meet

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! I'm gonna talk about my gymnastics meet on Monday. I'm a little nervous because it is right after Thanksgiving. I am afraid that I will forget one of my routines. I most nervous about vault. I will admit I'm not the best at vault. I feel like I will mess up my run and then I will fail on my vault. My next most nervous routine is beam. I feel like I will fall or forget part of my routine.

I'm also nervous about bars because I think I will get deduced because I feel like I'm gonna stop in the middle of my routine. I also feel like I will not make my second long-hang kip. Or that I'm gonna mess up my fly away. I'm not really nervous about my floor because I've had my floor song for a 4 or 5 years so I think I got it down. Thanks for reading my blog today!! I have you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Global Read Aloud

The Global Read Aloud (GRA) is when your class and another class read the same book. You then figure out some way to talk to that other class and talk about the book. My thoughts about the GRA are that it is AMAZING! It is so cool that you can talk to people across the country.

The book that our class chose Orbiting Jupiter. The book is about a troubled 8th grade boy who has a child and his foster parents help him try to find his baby. This book is absolutely great. The realness makes it that much better.

The talking to other classes in the different countries is really cool. It's fun to hear or see other people's questions about the book. The technology is really cool. I mean there are some problems that come with it. The problems aren't major. Just some sound problems.The book can really make you emotional. What if you are going through the same problems at home? Or really it's just a really touching story. My reading class has been using Skype and Padlet to connect with the other classes. We have only done this once so far but it is really fun. We have talked to a class in Canada so far. It has been amazing chatting with them. Can't wait to chat again!!